Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poem for my brothers wedding

My brother was recently engaged, and a wedding is now planned for the end of July, 2010. Since neither the bride or groom believe in God, they are not having a religious ceremony. As a result of this, they asked me to write a poem to read during the ceremony in place of a bible verse. They didn't give me many ideas on what to write, just for it to be about love and weddings. So, today I am laying in bed with some sort of awful sickness, possibly stomach flu, and it just came to me. I started writing and about 20minutes later ended up with this. Let me know what you think of it.

By Molly Barnes

As the sun has risen,
Each day that’s come before.
Man has looked for wealth,
In minerals and ore.

Each autumn while the trees,
Shed their leaves to the ground.
Woman has searched for riches,
In places they can’t be found.

Today the quest has ended,
You have found life’s best treasure.
The love of another person,
And a lifetime full of pleasure.

Now you are committing,
You have made a final choice.
To work through all the bad days,
And on the good ones to rejoice.

This is that special moment,
When you end your time alone.
Your heart is now a shelter,
Your arms each others home.

So as the sun keeps rising,
And the leaves cover the ground.
May you both always remember,
The promises by which you’re bound.

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